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We should not miss our egg meal, which is nutritionally cheap and nutritious enough for a healthy life, with nutritional value that is so high as to give a living thing a living. Because

6. After-egg is an invaluable source of iron for young children. Anemia (anemia) occurs when iron is taken inadequately. In addition, iron has a protective role from growth, development and disease.

Maternal nutrition from animal protein causes the baby to come to earth with low birth weight. Low birth weight causes chronic diseases (diabetes, bezikte, high blood pressure, etc.) in older ages. An egg eaten every day meets the needs of the mother's animal protein, as well as nourishment and proper weight.

The egg-bearing arm plays an important role, especially in the mental and cerebral development of children. To be a successful individual for life, men need 550 mg daily, and women need 425 mg daily eggs. In pregnancy, this need is increased seven times.

Regularly consumed eggs; cancer, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the health and protection of the digestive system, and the prevention of osteoporosis in alleviating menopausal symptoms.

In young girls who regularly consume eggs, the risk of having breast cancer in older ages is reduced.

Egg consumption reduces the risk of paralysis.

Some chronic diseases have been shown to be effective in the prevention and treatment of these diseases.

It protects eye health, reduces visual disturbances and cataracts that can occur in older ages.

Despite the high nutrient content, it is low calorie.

With 12 kinds of food items you have, egg digestion is the easiest, most delicious and cheapest food store.