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Environmental Responsibility

Our policy towards the environment as one of the leading companies in terms of technology and quality, who are aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and collective, who believe in continuous improvement, give priority to quality in their products and services:
• Reducing the pollution and harm that we will give to the environment by using the best possible technology and controlling factors that may cause environmental pollution.
• Recognizing compliance with all environmental laws and regulations as minimum competence and continuously improving compliance with legal requirements.
• To share our work with our employees, customers, suppliers and society in order to protect the environment consciousness and the environment; to be adopted as philosophy of life; to provide training that evolves according to needs to increase environmental awareness.
• Extend the life span of natural resources by collecting our waste separately and contributing to recycling as much as possible and reducing the consumption of other natural resources.
• Reducing waste and pollutant sources from our activities; respect for humanity and the environment.

It is our duty to fulfill our responsibilities to today's people and future generations, to behave with the consciousness of environmental protection for our country and the world, and to spread this awareness. We are committed to being a company that implements environmental protection with our continuously evolving system, along with product quality and unnecessary resource use prevention activities